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This Baggage Tag is available with or without elastic string. The material is self-copying and transfers the handwritten information on the self-adhesive PAX-copy. Up to 3 removable self-adhesive stubs are possible.

The Limited Release Tags identify pieces of baggage that show abnormalities or already existing damage so that afterwards no misunderstandings arise.

All of our products can be modified and adapted to your request and the needs of different airlines, including the Limited Release Tags.

On the one hand they are available with or without elastic band and on the other hand you can choose up to three self-adhesive control sections. This Limited Release Tag consists of self-copying material, which ensures that all necessary notes are transmitted directly.

The information that this tag carries is of high relevance, so any loss or damage of the Limited Release Tag should be avoided. We can guarantee you exactly this required quality.

All our tags are made of tear-proof and abrasion-resistant material and are particularly robust, even in wet conditions. This ensures that the tags remain sturdy when the baggage is being shipped.

Creating trust through quality

In the aviation industry there is much to organize and document. To keep things running smoothly, your customers should be able to rely on getting the highest quality products.

We at Security Label can guarantee you exactly that. With over 25 years experience, we are experts in our field and in terms of baggage tags even world market leader.

Made in Germany has become a quality seal and that’s exactly what we carry. Of course, our products are compatible with all regular user systems and comply with the specifications and standards of the IATA (International Air Transport Association).

To build trust with your customers, you need a strong and reliable partner at your side. With our products you are always on the safe side.

If you have any questions or requests for changes concerning our products, our experts will gladly assist you with their expertise.

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