The leading Tag

Decide for the solutions provided by the number one!
Security Label is the global market leader for baggage tags, boarding passes, tickets and other check-in documents. In the aviation sector, we are currently working with more than 400 airlines and airports in over 100 countries.


The leading Tag

Decide for the solutions provided by the number one!

Security Label is the global market leader for baggage tags, boarding passes, tickets and other check-in documents. In the aviation sector, we are currently working with more than 400 airlines and airports in over 100 countries, and are accepted worldwide as strategic IATA partners.



There is a tag for everything – Have a good flight!

The selection is pretty impressive: from the simple suitcase tag up to the RFID version, we can produce any type of tag, and have the largest range of products for check-in, baggage labelling and baggage tracking. Today, we already produce every second tag used worldwide, and in future we also wish to become the innovation and market leader in the field of self tagging.


Kiosk tags

Our new tag generations Self Tag and Inno Tag have been especially developed for self-service check-in. They make it possible for passengers to handle the tags easily and without errors. This saves them the unpopular waiting periods at conventional check-in desks…learn more

Thermal Baggage Tags

These classic baggage tags are printed directly at Check-in and fastened onto the baggage by the personnel. Alternatively, an electronic RFID chip can be integrated…learn more


Boarding passes

The thermal coated boarding passes are available in all conventional designs: individually, in continuous stacks or on rollsfor kiosk systemswith or without magnetic stripslearn more

Special Tags

In the field of special applications, Security Label is optimally equipped with itsspecial tags. The comprehensiverange of offers also providesefficient products for highly specificrequirement profiles such asRush, Interline, Cabin, Heavy, Security seals etc. We are certain to have the product you needto the Product Finder

Forms & accompanying documents

The range of forms and specific accompanying documents comprises a wide selection of both standardised and individual printed forms for simplified handlingand process documentationto the Product Finder

Your product

The Security Label range grows with the wishes and requirements of the market. Wherever tags and other quality printed products are concerned, it is a matter of course for us to develop completely new solutions in direct collaboration with our customers.

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Self tagging accelerates the passenger turnaround on check-in 

(accstudy bySITA) by up to 87%


Self tagging permits a substantially higher standard of service and fulfils the demands of most passengers for convenientself check-in options and reduced waiting times.


Self tagging optimises the processes when handing in baggage, and thus reduces the flow times for passenger processing. In this way, ground personnel capacities become free so that they can concentrate on passengers with special needs (individual service).

Airport operators

Self tagging increases the efficacy of the self check-in facilities. In this way, the operating areas can be used even more efficiently so that the increasing number of passengers expected in the future can also be processed.

Self tagging – simply check in yourself!

Efficient self check-in without long queues means that flight procedures and costs are optimised. At self check-in machines, passengers can meanwhile print out their tags and attach them to their baggagethemselves. The Self Tags by Security Label are self-explanatory in their application and easy to use. Inadvertent tearing during the sorting process is excluded. Consistently high material qualities ensure reliable products and economic handling.


RFID – integrating the future

From the application of RFID solutions to the handling and tracking of products and baggage, the branch is now taking a particularly big step forwards. Security Label has been involved in this development from the start, and is superbly equipped for global implementationOur 100%-inspected RFID baggage tags not only ensure simplified scanning and identification processes, which are conducted less reliably in conventional optical procedures, but also save the information even in adverse environmental conditions.

Inno Tags – saving costs in a targeted manner

Innovative Security Label manufacturing processes make this possible. In contrast to the classic thermal baggage tagsthe quantity per roll can be increased by up to 80% with lnno Tags. In this way, freight costs, storage space and frequency of roll replacements can be substantially reduced, and savings of up to 15% can be realised. In addition, the Inno Tags are more environmentally friendly due to their lower weight in comparison with the conventional versions, and assist in reducing CO2 emissions.

Baggage tags – the basis for baggage transport

Ultra-modern production systems, intensive quality controls and practical and user-friendly products ensure a higher level of economic efficiency.Without the thermal baggage tags by Security Label, the daily, million-fold global transportation of baggae transport would not bepossibleIn machine-readable form and printed with barcodes, the tags are both tear-proof andwater-resistant as well as manipulation-proof. Security Label provides a comprehensive range of baggage tag products for very different applications.


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