The leading Tag

We understand quality not just with relation to our products, but also as a service for our customers.

The leading Tag

We understand quality not just with relation to our products, but also as a service for our customers.


Service philosophy

The quality of a product is a matter of course and our top priority. With regard to the topic of service quality, our aim is to provide innovative and reliable products, in particular based on our internal research and further development, which accord with all the latest standards (e.g. those of the IATA) and our customers’ own certification principles. We are distinguished by our comprehensive understanding of service, which has made the Security Label GmbH into a reliable partner on the international market for product and article identification tags and labels and other special print products for 25 years now.
We understand our role not only as the manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality products, but also as service providers for our customers. This includes both uncomplicated communication routes and competent expert consultation as well as comprehensive support in order processing.

Service makes the difference

  • We strive to implement our customers’ wishes to 100%. The individual and professional layout according to the client’s precise specifications is therefore an important part of our work. We are happy to realise your specific design request for you, too, using all conventional graphics programs.
  • Security Label, with its years of know-how in the manufacture of special products, is a distinguished expert in the field, and develops solutions which fulfil the highest requirements and standards. Convince yourself of our quality.
  • Our logistics services comprise all areas for the convenient handling of your order. Carefully, and according to your individual specifications, we conduct all activities so that you can receive your product in the required form anywhere in the world just-in-time: Commissioning, tailoring, intermediate storage, packaging and recorded dispatch.
  • One of our strengths is also the customer-orientated service enabling you to manage your orders independently. By obtaining access to our TagLOG online warehouse, we make it possible for you to view pending orders in our system and to place call-off orders for the required quantities.
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We adapt every product to your layout and requirements.

The environmental principles of Security Label GmbH

We consider the natural riches of our environment as the basic principle for our economic activities. Our products should be manufactured in a more energy-saving and environmentally-friendly manner. In the same way, it is important to us that the disposal of our old devices should be conducted so that they do not pollute the environment.
Our actions should contribute towards the maintenance of our natural basis of existence, and the protection of our environment against harmful influences. One of the basic principles for the management of our company in terms of sustainable development is the equal value placed on environmental protection during determination of the company targets, inasmuch as this is economically viable. Environment-related aspects are therefore integrated into the decision and handling structure of our entire management system. Environmental protection is an important management task. Superiors assume both a decisive role model function and responsibility for the line of action taken. Environmental protection demands responsible actions from all employees.

Your service bonuses at Security Label:

  • Registration, enquiries and offers are guaranteed free of charge
  • Offers already include our full range of services
  • Orders are professionally supervised and processed by our international experts
  • Confirmed lead times are guaranteed by us
  • You receive just one invoice from us which concords precisely with the offer
  • You have only one contact for all matters concerning you

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