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The Boarding Pass from Security Label is made of high-quality thermal paper. For this purpose, we use a particularly strong paper quality in order to maintain the print quality in the long term. In addition, the board contains additional sensor-holes and can be printed on the front and back.

The informations on a boarding pass

The boarding pass contains information that is both important to the passenger and airport staff. Often there is a further check of boarding pass plus the submission of the identity card before entering the aircraft.

The following graphic illustrates the important information that a boarding pass contains and how it can be read.

Picture 1: template


1, 11 Name of the passenger
2, 12, 13 Departure and arrival location
3 Designator: These are the two letters before the flight number. Often they are an abbreviation for the recognition of the airline.
4 Flight number
5 Class: Economy or Business Class
6, 14 Flight date
7, 15 Departure time
8, 16 Terminal number (gate)
9, 17 Scheduled time fpr boarding
10, 18 Seat number

The components of a boarding pass

The boarding pass consists of several coupons or vouchers. The following are to be mentioned:

  • the Audit Coupon,
  • the Agent Coupon and
  • the Passenger Receipt

The audit coupon is removed by one of the airport’s employees and remains with the airline. This is necessary for the accounting of the airline. Another component is the agent coupon. It is due to the institution from which it originates. The Passanger-Reciept remains with the passenger and is regarded as evidence.

The boarding pass is therefore an elementary component of your flight. Only with your boarding pass you are entitled to start your flight. When you buy something in duty free shops, you often have to show your boarding pass

The ticket to your flight

As it is generally customary for people transfer, a “ticket” is also necessary for flying. Only by presenting this ticket is the passenger entitled to commence the flight. However, in the field of aviation the “ticket” carries the name “Boarding Pass”.

The boarding pass is handed over to the passenger only at the Check-in-Counter or on the baggage claim (e.g. if you have used the online check-in before), since he is until now only owner of an “ticket”. For this, the flight and personal data are matched by an employee at the counter in the halls of the airport.

A single boarding pass is issued for each flight route. For example, for a flight route with an intermediate stop, several boarding passes must be made. Because the passengers had to leave their original plane at an intermediate stop, to change to another one. For this, another check-in is necessary and the passenger needs a further boarding pass which entitles him to enter the aircraft.

The beginning of flying

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the desire for flying has already been anchored in people’s minds. However, due to the low engine power of the former aircraft, it was not possible to think of a passenger flight. Pioneer was the “DELAG”. With her airship named “Graf Zeppelin” she passed the world’s first passenger flight.

However, for the time being, further expansion into the European area was unthinkable due to the first world war. Therefore, the continuation of air transport could be driven only after the end of the war.

One year after the war, the passenger air transport was finally able to pick up speed and the first route took place between Berlin and Weimar.

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