TagLOG for our Web-Warehouse

We offer a highly developed STORE & CALL OFF delivery service.
You order the estimated one-year print volume. We arrange “split deliveries” and you may call for smaller quantities according to your short-term needs. The advantage is on your side because the production costs are mainly based on order volume. You get a better price.
We will let you know when your stock decreases below a three-month requirement giving you time to decide about your new supply. Your finance department will smile as well, as we only bill your company for each call off.
You can use this service via the internet. This gives you the further advantage of controlling your stock in our warehouse by using our WEB WAREHOUSE SERVICE.

  • You can monitor your stock material online.
  • You can arrange call offs online.
  • You have a full statistical database online about your past call offs and present inventory.
  • Your individual stations may call off separately, as the central office just monitors the material flow.

You do not have access. Please contact us.

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