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You can order our Security Seal Stickers in different versions. The characteristics and sizes listed here show our standard designs. If you need individual Security Seal stickers, please contact us.

Security Seal Sticker from the market leader for Baggage Tags:

  • Matt polyester material (red and blue are standard) with high tack acrylic backing and smooth “write-on”surface
  • It shows a clear VOID message when lifted but don ́t leave residue on surface when it is removed
  • Ideal for smooth surfaces
  • Suitable application temperature 0  ̊ C + 80  ̊ C, operating temperature – 30  ̊ C + 100  ̊C dependent on application.
  • The application surface must be clean before applying
  • Standard measures: 85 + 10 x 25 mm
  • Imprinted with your company name and logo in black (standard) or white
  • Consecutive numbered (2 times as required, once on the label, once on the stub, always in black)
  • Supplied in reels with backing liner perforated between each seal for easy use

More about Security Seal Stickers

The Security Seal Stickers from Security Label enable airlines, airport operators, as well as companies active in the transport and hotel industry, the simple sealing.

Security Seal stickers provide protection for Transsport items such as suitcases, smaller containers and other security-related items. But even in the labeling of equipment such as machinery, office equipment or tools Security Seal stickers can be used.

In the hotel industry, these security seals are often affixed to suitcases and bags of guests, who place them in the hands of the hotel for safekeeping. This can help prevent misunderstandings and also give guests a sense of security.

Ensure tamper resistance

There are a number of items that should be protected from manipulation. Whether doors, special documents, cabinets, showcases, maintenance openings in aircrafts or any kind of containers and boxes. Often the issue of warranty and guarantee plays a role here.

Our Security Seal Stickers can be used to detect and document any opening of the items provided with our labels. So you as a company are in a comfortable position towards third parties such as the owners or insurance companies.

With clear “VOID-hint” for more safety

When the Security Seal Stickers are released, a clearly identifiable message appears with the word “VOID”. Thus, the opening of the affected goods can be traced. Nevertheless, our Security Seal Stickers do not create any residues on the objects or goods concerned.

Particularly suitable for difficult conditions and flight operations

The Security Seal stickers from Security Label are by their nature excellent for use in challenging weather and environmental conditions. With a suitable application temperature of 0 ° C to + 80 ° C and a tested operating temperature of -30 ° C to + 100 ° C you can rely on the Security Seal Sticker from Security Label. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for securing in flight operations.


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